Promotional Mix Concept

To reach its promotional goals, an organization develops an effective promotional mix which is a combonation of strategies and a cost-effective allocation of resources.

The strategies in the mix are designed to complement one another.

In large companies, the marketing department has many roles. It determines the promotional mix, establishes the budget, allocates resources, coordinates the campaign, supervises any outside resources, and measures the results.

Manufacturers often develop a promotional mix for each segment of the distribution channel. To promote a product to large retailers that sell its products, a manufacturer might want to use a mix of personal selling, advertising, and buying discounts. This is known as the push policy. (The manufacturer pushes the product to the retailer.) The same manufacturer might use a different promotional mix of local and national advertising, in-store displays, sales promotion, and public relations to reach consumers. The pull policy directs promotions towards the consumers. It is used to create customer interest and demand.