Trade promotions are sales promotion activities designed to get support for a product from manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers.

Promotional Allowances

Promotional allowances represent cash payments or discounts given by manufacturers to wholesalers or retailers for performing activites to encourage sales.

Cooperative Advertising

A manufacturer supports the retailer by helping pay for the cost of advertising its products locally.

Slotting Allowances

A slotting allowance is a cash premium paid by a manufacturer to a retailer to help the retailer cover the costs of placing the manufacturer's product on the shelves.

Sales Force Promotions

Sales force promotions are awards given to dealers and employees who successfully meet or exceed a sales quota. They may incluse cash bonuses or prizes.

Trade Shows and Conventions

Trade shows and conventions showcase a particular line of products. Many companies invest millions of dollars in display booths. Trade shows provide businesses with opportunities to introduce new products, encourage increased sales of existing products, meet customers and partners in the distribution chain, and gain continued company and product support.